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Live Your World-class Life – Dubai 2017

Next destination for our exclusive WOR(l)D Diamond Life Holiday for prestige world-class vacation will be in Dubai which will definitely excites you. It is where you will meet our Top...


Postponement of Bangkok Convention 2016

Due to the pass away of the King of Thailand on Thursday 13th October 2016, our Work(l)d International Convention 2016 in Bangkok has to be postponed as the Thai government...


Huge success for HELO

Time to celebrate an amazing success for our company. Since the launch, HELO has been getting GREAT responses from members and users, with a record of sales during the last month...


HELO PRO PLAN, the power of Helo App doubles

The application partner of your trustworthy Helo receives a vitamin injection. HELO App integrates LifeLog FREE, including the last 30 days of registration of your data without permanent storage, your WeCare...


WOR(l)D introduces Lifelog

It is fair to say that your life won't be the same. Lifelog is the incredible recording system of all data provided by Helo, which can track your life and...


New Release of Helo App for iOS system

After the release of the Helo Android App update, here is the update for the iOS version of our fantastic App. IOS users can now use the new features introduced, including: -...

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